Mr Greg Warren MP


Tezza: How are you Settling in your new position?

Greg: Very well but there is much to learn in terms of Parliamentary  process etc. There was no hand over after the election and all files and stationary were removed so getting the Campbelltown electorate office up and running to best serve local residents has been a priority.

Tezza: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Greg: I am pretty easy going and not really that ideological – politics for me is simply about trying to make the lives of those I’m privileged to represent a little better than it currently is. When I am not doing that, I love spending time with my family and supporting local charities which is also a real passion for me.
My working life began as an Australian Soldier and more recently as a manager of a local Campbelltown business.
I am a former director and Vice President of the Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce recently obtaining a Masters of Business with interests in entrepreneurship, finance and globalisation.

Tezza: What are you looking at implementing straight away in Campbelltown?

Greg: I really enjoy where we live and am passionate

about ensuring our home and city remains a great place to live.

More specifically, I have already put notice of motions in place at Parliament calling on the Government for timelines and costings for:

– the promised Campbelltown Hospital upgrades,

– the 450 space car park required at Campbelltown Railway Station

– The essential Spring Farm / Menangle connection to the F5 amongst others.

I am also pursuing the issue of safety fencing at Rosemeadow sporting fields, road safety measures.

Tezza: How do you see Campbelltown now & in the future, say 5 years on?

Greg: I see Campbelltown now as regional city with great potential full however a city that needs strong and committed support from Government to meet it’s full potential. The future of the city is exciting with much growth coming our way that needs to be embraced by all to ensure maximisation. I am a strong advocate on this point and will continue this plight with a strong voice.

Tezza: What’s your advice & encouragement for small business in the community?

Greg: A culture of honesty is critical, it’s the building block and foundation to everything that embodies a sustainable and vibrant small business.

An engaging culture with all stakeholders and clients helps you build trust and allows you as a business owner to take your foot off the accelerator and let people around you shine, rather than suppress them or strip them away of their individuality limiting them to prosper both personally and within the business.

Relationships are paramount – customers are only a challenge if not managed. The relationship between business and its customers defines so much about any business, the approach determines every outcome for your business.

I have always found this approach only delivers positive outcomes for business as a result.

Tezza: Mr Greg Warren, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule & spending ‘60 seconds with Tezza’

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Terry Diomis
I've been a Local born and bred resident in Camden/ Macarthur for 48 years & I love it! My late parents were well known & had businesses in Camden, so pretty much small business is in my blood. I love working with SME businesses in my local area. By being on a microphone or marketing, it enables me to connect with the owners and build strong business relationships. Working with the magazine also helps me highlight the owner and their business story to the marketplace/ community. I'm so passionate to see local business succeed & for them to share their success with others. 'Your Business My Passion!'