The Clean Family Way


Terry and Brett Smith of the Chemclean Group are proof that the family that cleans together succeeds together. Not only do they run a family business but they also bring a ‘family’ of cleaning products under the one operation at their facility in Ingleburn.

The group comprises of three companies: Chemical Cleaning Solutions, Complete Car Wash Supplies, and Ausway Direct, which cover just about every domestic, commercial and motor vehicle cleaning job.

Chemical Cleaning Solutions, the business that started it all, manufactures a full range of cleaning products for supply to primarily the commercial cleaning market both direct and through vendors.

Products include an extensive range for all cleaning purposes or domestic, commercial and industrial applications: bathroom, general cleaning, carpets, kitchen, laundry, the Super Shield range of leather and fabric cleaning and maintenance project and the comprehensive selection of equipment for customers.

The products are proudly manufactured here in Australia, a fact that Terry considers an extremely important consideration for his customers and their customers.

“By buying and using Australian-made cleaning products, especially our range, our customers can have the confidence and trust that the products they are using are manufactured to Australian standards, approved for Australian use and don’t include any forbidden nasties that may be present in imported products,” Terry Smith said.

“By using quality green and environmentally friendly raw materials ensures the quality of our finished products, while keeping the safety of our customers paramount,” Terry said.

Buying local also helps the local economy and the strong support that Terry has received from his customers is proof that his products work and has allowed him to continually expand his business to its current stage, with the recent relocation to larger premises in Ingleburn. A move which has facilitated expansion in stock and manufacturing capability and provided a more streamlined distribution process for customers.

Under this one roof, the Smith family operate three businesses, an expansion which was born through the family connections.

“I started manufacturing cleaning chemicals over 33 years ago and was fortunately successful and as the business grew, my son Brett came on-board and has been very effective in expanding our interests with his own interests,” Terry Smith said.

And when it comes to Brett ‘the heir apparent’ Smith, that interest is cars, cars and more cars!

“With Brett’s love of the automobile he spends all his spare time improving products and testing products so that only the best goes into production and released to the consumer” Terry said. “They can be assured of the best result every time when washing and detailing their cars.”

Brett has successfully combined his love of cars with his family business interests to form Complete Car Wash Supplies (CCS), which supplies a full range of automotive & marine detailing chemicals, accessories and equipment.

“Our objective was to be a one stop shop for the industry which is why offer a range of cleaning equipment as well as the cleaning products for general cleaning, maintenance and specialist detailing,” Brett explained.

To ensure CCS maintained the highest standards of quality, Brett has established distributor relationships with some of the world’s leading brands including 3M, Autosol, Auto Glym and Farecla.

“We also import some of our accessories to keep our prices more than competitive,” Brett said. “Our customers appreciate the streamlined nature of being able to order all their supplies in the one place and deal with a reputable, long standing business.”

Under-their-one-roof operation is another business in the group – Ausway Direct which delivers high quality concentrated laundry, dishwashing, kitchen & bathroom products directly to the home.

With multiple businesses to run under one roof requires precision and skill and Terry credits long-term administration manager, Deirdre for keeping himself and Brett on track.

“Working within a family business and being treated as part of the family gives you the feeling that you are actually part of the family without actually being related,” Deirdre said.

The Chemclean Group story is a great example of an Aussie family business growing and succeeding, providing local customers and those further afield with high quality products while also being considerate of the environment.