Advice on selling your property

From Troy Nicholson, Richardson and Wrench, Narellan

What is the process to sell my home?

  • First, call our office and talk to myself or one of our sales team.
  • We’ll meet with you to view your home and discuss the selling process including the range of advertising options.

What is the best way to present the home?

  • Presenting a home with minimal furniture will create a feeling of space that is appealing to most buyers. Removing as much unnecessary furniture as off-site is highly recommended.
  • Don’t forget to style your cupboards. People open wardrobes and cupboards and seeing the contents well-organized projects a positive image.
  • Pay attention to the exterior grounds as well as the interior.
  • You want buyers to imagine themselves in your home so removing personal items such as photographs is advised.
  • Our team can recommend a professional home stylist service that can advise and assist you in presenting your property for sale. How will my property be marketed?
  • When you’re property is ready for presentation, we will organize professional photography, often including videos and drone photography to capture as many angles and aspects as possible to present your property at its best.
  • Online platforms are essential in capturing initial buying interest so great photographs are essential in the marketing campaign.
  • In regard to pricing, we set a price range rather than a fixed price. This allows for the price to be negotiated up instead of down.
  • We show your home to all of our sales team so they can fully appreciate the fabulous features and design qualities and share them with their potential buyers.
  • We conduct a high profile advertising campaign through a range of channels and platforms. These may include real estate sales websites, newspaper advertisements, and other formats. The objective is to maximize your exposure to as many potential buyers as possible.
  • Our sales team get on the phone and talk to every potential purchaser from our database of qualified buyers!

How does your property launch work?

  • The property launch or open for inspection is a 30 minute session where we gather all potential buyers from our database plus all new enquiries from the marketing and show your home to all in a limited time frame.
  • The compressed timeframe and potential buyers seeing other parties that are also interested, fosters competition and a sense of urgency in the marketing. It ensures buyers won’t mess around.
  • The genuinely interested buyers will become competitive to win the right to buy your home and pay the maximum that they are willing to pay.

What happens on Property Launch day?

  • Our Property Launch (first open for inspection) is usually conducted on a Saturday with a 30-minute timeslot to ensure buyers see other buyers and are aware of the high level of interest on the property.
  • The property launch is manned by all our experienced sales team to ensure we can talk to all buyers and assess their interest in your property.
  • All interested buyers are asked to put forward their best offer in writing for the vendors consideration. This ” By Tender” process will encourage buyers to put their highest offer forward rather than just a little more than the next best offer (like an Auction).
  • This ensures that you achieve the best possible price and keeps all offers private, so they do not affect other offers in a negative way.
  • All offers are negotiated, and the best or highest offer will be submitted to the vendor with a signed contract and 0.25% deposit paid.
  • This will ensure your buyers are committed and able to buy. (Subject to your acceptance and final loan approval).
  • The accepted contract is then exchanged with a cooling off period to enable the buyer to finalise their loan approval (generally needing a bank valuation and building inspection). During this cooling off period the countdown to settlement has already begun. If the buyer chooses to rescind the contract for any reason, the purchaser forfeits to the vendor the .25% deposit.

At all stages of the property marketing process, you will have your R&W consultant available to answer your questions and keep you updated with buyer interest and offers. Our reputation is your guarantee that you’ll be dealing with professionals who feel privileged to be entrusted with your greatest asset.