Mummypreneurs: Tips for Mums to Succeed In Business


Melita Valcich
Envious Solutions

Anshu Nair,
Avon District Sales Manager (Campbelltown)

Supermum is a difficult occupation to manage but, as you know, it’s immensely rewarding. Equipped with the best playtime ideas, fair judgment for the benefit of all, and a knack for the most delicious snacks, there’s nothing you can’t do! It’s important to take pride in your joys and responsibilities as a mother and also take charge in achieving your goals and dreams.

Mummypreneurs are a special breed and so the stream of advice is more specialized than a general business venture concept. Unlike other occupations, parenting doesn’t have a cut-off point or set time off. Hopefully this list of mummypreneur tips will give you the confidence and insight to start your own business and see it into success.

1. Do What You Love

Passion is a primary component that drives a person’s success in any industry, especially when there are a number of family-related reasons that may encourage you to quit. As a hard working mother, you deserve to feel fulfilled and excited about life and the possibilities that surround it. Following your own dreams and pursuing success will encourage your children to live courageously when they grow up. Don’t be afraid to dream big! If you’re having trouble finding you passion and you don’t know where to start then you may consider starting the journey at home, where you currently are, and note all of the things that make your family run, or could use improvement, as sources of inspiration.

2. Set a Family-Friendly Schedule

On the other hand, your work life shouldn’t be a passionate affair that takes away from your family dynamic. Before you start on your business venture, it’s important to plan ahead for the responsibilities that will be required of you and set schedules so that you can work efficiently and be successful in business without losing vital connections with your family. To ensure success with a family balance, it’s so important that you look ahead and plan ground rules before you get going.

3. Build Up Your Support System

Your spouse, family, and friends can help set you up for success by offering their support and encouragement. No matter how well things are scheduled and planned, there will be faults in the system and you’ll feel so much more comfortable with your dedication to both business and family if you have a supportive group around you who understands your true personality.

4. Keep Start-up Costs Low

Like it or not, some mummypreneurs have trouble reaching success or getting their business up and running. Leave expensive marketing strategies for later on in the process when you’re beginning to see trends of success that you can count on. There’s nothing wrong with supporting your business financially, but you should also ensure that it doesn’t come at the cost of your family’s financial stability.

5. Stay Focused

When you start to see success, take a breather, celebrate with a much-needed glass of wine. Take another assessment of your family situation and think about where things are going next, and then focus on seeing your business through its next phase.

6. Get Creative

Some of the best innovation and invention in business comes from mothers who seek a new way of doing things that more seamlessly fits with the stay-at-home position that they hold. If a part of your business model is tricky for you to manage with kids or you feel like there should be a better, more efficient way to do something then it’s up to you to find it. Your creativity and courageous passion in business may just change and improve things forever!