How do you differ in Price and Service?

Jade Little

For starters, I’m prepared to schedule time to meet with you when you want. As an experienced agent I can select the airline, resort and cruise line that best matches your needs, and provide the service to ensure your vacation is seamless and stress-free. Taking a critical look at every aspect of your trip and if things go wrong you have me to call to get it fixed.

If your flight is cancelled, just phone me while the rest of the passengers line up to re-book. Didn’t get the room we booked? Don’t argue with the front desk, just call me.

I make sense of it all, save you time and money and am always your advocate. Whether you want an upgrade to an ocean view or a ticket out of harm’s way after an earthquake, I’ll be there for you.

I’ll take the time to get to know you and recommend the best options. This may include customised experiences, because you don’t know what you don’t know, but I might know.

I can offer better pricing because I know how supplier pricing works, and I structure my deals to your benefit.

Why is your service better than booking online?

The emergence of online shopping has been fantastic – until things go pear-shaped. Can you phone up the internet when your luggage goes missing or the airline just ups and disappears?

When you book with me, I’ll be the one waiting on hold to help get your issues sorted.

When trying to find that perfect holiday, no more sifting through all the reviews online, not knowing if the price you see is a great price or your missing something in the fine print, if the airline you chose is good enough, who can you ask if that is the best for your holiday and budget?

Your dedicated travel agent, that’s who. At no extra cost. How to get to and from places and know that you have the most cost effective and efficient travel itinerary possible?

Online booking portals don’t suggest other things that they had a personal experience with. Online booking platforms don’t bon voyage you before your trip with all documents printed and prepped, check in on you while your there and call with a welcome home phone call dying to know the best parts of your trip.

Solving customer problems.

No travel agent can control everything that happens on your trip. But as a personalised service, we care enough to take on and fix customer problems. Sometimes a strongly worded email and persistent phone call is all that is needed, other times, a lot more. And who better to do that than you dedicated Travel agent, fighting for your rights or helping guide you through the next steps, applying for travel insurance claims and keeping you updated through the whole process so you can continue to enjoy your holiday, STRESS FREE As mentioned, I’m a mobile travel agent based in Spring Farm. I would love to meet up for an obligation free chat. If you’re looking for a risk free holiday experience, then speak to someone who has experienced the destination first hand. I have travelled to over 85 countries and counting, so let’s turn your dreams into a reality for story and memories worth telling for years to come!

For more information please contact: Jade Little
t +61 2 4656 1634 m +61 416 934 342
Holland Drive, Spring Farm NSW 2570

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Jade Little
I was bitten with the travel bug when I started my first contract on a cruise ship back in 2006 - Since then I have been to over 85 countries and still have a few more to tick off! I have been working as a Retail travel agent for over 2 years now, winning top novice in my first year and now working as a mobile travel agent! Some favourite places to visit so far would have been Amsterdam and Santorini. I absolutely loved the colours, the architecture, and the culture in both of these places! I hope I get to go back soon! But first - Take me to ALASKA! Having met my husband on the cruise ship Princess and P&O, we now have two boys that we can’t wait to show the world and everything it has to offer! We are happily settled in Macarthur now, and I love helping locals with all their travel needs, and it’s great to share my experiences and suggestions for places that I have visited, and take care of all arrangements to free travellers up to enjoy a stress free holiday of business trip!