Thursday, October 21, 2021
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How’s Your

How’s Your Mental Load?

COVID has been tough on business owners. Change is the new normal and business owners I talk to are not just physically...
New normal, next normal, Never normal

New normal, next normal, Never normal?

Australia is a wonderful island nation but that doesn’t mean we’re isolated. Macarthur is a great local community, but it doesn’t thrive...
Crime prevention for business

Crime prevention for business

Continuing our series on crime prevention strategies for business, we focus on the deceptive and dishonest practices which are costing businesses not...
Business ethics- Integrity, Ethics and Values

Business ethics- Integrity, Ethics and Values

It appears ‘don’t talk politics or religion’ has faded into insignificance as businesses take more of a public position on social...
Fire Prevention Strategies

Fire Prevention Strategies

Business fires, particularly large factory, warehouse and industrial complex blazes can be devastating to the business directly involved, to neighbouring businesses and...
Macarthur's Young Achievers Honoured

Macarthur’s Young Achievers Honoured

The community came together in force to honour Macarthur’s young achievers at a glittering awards ceremony at West Leagues Club. And a...
Darkness into Light- Changing Lives $50 a Time

Darkness into Light- Changing Lives $50 a Time!

There has been a lot of sad and bad news coming out of Sri Lanka recently. So we are pleased to report,...
How can Sponsorship Help your Business

How can Sponsorship Help your Business?

Sponsorship can be a very effective and valid way for a business to gain exposure. But it is not as simple as...

Detox your Business, Boost your Performance

Feel like you’re doing everything right from the business playbook, working your proverbial off, but not achieving the results you feel...

Safe Harbour reform for Companies

Safe Harbour Reforms Section 588G of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Act) creates obligations for directors of a company to prevent the company trading whilst...
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