Using The Power of Video Marketing.


You may be considering getting a video produced to market your business. In this article, I’m going to share from my 35 years in video production experience and study, to tell you about what makes videos work – and how you can leverage it to your advantage in your business. And I will let you know about two particular types of video that are both powerful and comparatively inexpensive (and they don’t involve cats).

Video is the most powerful persuasion and communication platform we have. It uses the combined emotional power of motion images, music and sound to create lasting impressions, to change perceptions. Video is perfect for communicating/ creating emotion (a key part of selling) and for many forms of education, like demonstrating a process, taking people to locations they would never be able to get to except by video.

Today, in the Internet age where people can click away from your video message and story just as easily as they clicked on it – make sure it is HELPING your viewer, speaking directly to their needs of problems straight away, or that is it as ENTERTAINING – at the same time as communicating your business message of helpfulness.

So, here are two forms of video (from one and a half minutes long to three and half minutes) that can help you solve a problem that viewers are experiencing and tell a story – without breaking the bank.

1/ The first form I’ll share, is often known as an Explainer Video. This form often uses a fun cartoon character to work through a problem they had: how they found your business amongst a whole lot of others that didn’t fit the bill, how your solution helped them change their lives. A friendly narrator tells the story in an everyday conversational way. The music is light and fun.

2/ The Case Study. This basically is a documentary style customer story filmed on location about how your business helped solve a problem they had and how their life has changed a a result.

Both these styles of videos lock into a specific type of customer, with specific problems and very specific solutions. You might say, but I do everything and I solve all kinds of problems. Okay, but a PERSON doesn’t have ALL kinds of problems and they don’t care that you solve all those things that don’t mean anything to them. And they certainly won’t spend their time looking at stuff that doesn’t affect them directly. So, here’s my suggestion: look back at your most rewarding sales over the past couple of years, your favourite customers – wouldn’t it be nice to have more like them? Think about the problems you helped them solve and make a video for people like them – not everyone, just people like your best customers.

Both the Customer Case Study and the Explainer communicate using entertainment by story telling, solving specific viewers problems and adding value to their lives. These are the kinds of videos that will get shared with others of their friends who they know are going through the same kind of problems and who will be blessed. They also don’t have to feature you (that is a real benefit for some folk!).

Be helpful, respect why people are in the place where you would like them to watch your video, and look for ways to tell a story instead of reciting reasons why they should buy from you or telling them about your great achievements.

Daryl Brown