That’s where a Virtual Assistant (VA) can become a valuable resource to your business

As a business owner, sometimes you spend more time doing tasks that take you away from your core business. You may think, “I do have to get this stuff done,” although you could be placing your focus in the wrong area of your business.

That’s where a Virtual Assistant (VA) can become a valuable resource to your business.

But why a VA? Why don’t I just hire a part time or full time employee who can do all this for me?

True, sometimes you do need to have someone physically at your place of business to do the work for you. However most of the time, your administration tasks can be done remotely.

Where do you find a VA? The VA industry is booming, and there are many virtual assistant professionals to choose from. It is more important to choose someone who fits with your business and work needed to be carried out.

First Step:

Assess how much time you are spending yourself doing tasks such as (but not limited to):

• Document Processing (typing letters, excel spreadsheets etc)

• Social Media (scheduling and posting to your various social media accounts)

• Database Management

• Data Entry

• Campaign Marketing

• Website Administration

• Accounts

Record how much time it takes you to do these tasks each day, each week. The number of hours you spend may shock you, and this will give you an indication of how many hours a week you are not spending on building your profits, servicing your clients and customers.

Second Step:

Once you have worked out how much time you do spend on these tasks, ask yourself, what kind of budget do you have? You may see the hourly rate of a VA and want to run for the hills. It’s important to remember, that VAs are business owners too. So our hourly rates cover our own taxes, superannuation and equipment costs etc. The average rate for a professional Virtual Assistant is $35.00 per hour. The rates may vary, but some virtual assistants offer specialised services.

Third Step:

You could google search for a VA, one of your best starting points is to access a VA via one of the Virtual Assistant Networks available in Australia. Using one of the VA Networks, you can place a job request. Qualified Vas will respond with their background, expertise, hourly rate, also giving you the option to choose which VA fits your business and budget. The Macarthur region is extremely lucky to have many qualified VAs, some of whom offer both generalised and specialised services.

Once you have found your Virtual Assistant, it’s important to:

Accurately outline all work required to be completed. Outline any timeframes or deadlines for work to be completed.

Your Virtual Assistant will work in with you and your business requirements. Your Virtual Assistant will become your business’ best asset and your best decision