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Business insurance – it’s about risk, not taking a gamble with your very livelihood and all you’ve worked for! But the biggest risks, or more bluntly mistakes, that many business owners continue to make are not having an insurance broker or not the right broker to suit their business and buying policies purely on price!

A professional insurance broker does a lot more than simply handle the paperwork for your policies. A good broker provides risk management and insurance advice on covering exposures that have the potential to significantly disrupt or in extreme cases, even end your business. So selecting the right Insurance Broker to suit your specific business is just as important as engaging the right accountant, financial planner or lawyer.

Positioned as one of the leading providers of both specialist and general risk and insurance solutions, the AEI Insurance Broking Group is the right insurance broker across many industry sectors from small sole traders to large multinationals.

As the Macarthur area continues to grow, with large scale infrastructure projects (such as Badgerys Creek airport), massive new housing developments, commercial and industrial precincts and service industries emerging, the AEI Group has the experience and expert knowledge to assist businesses manage their growth by providing genuine, relevant risk advice to offset unforeseen events.

Operating in Sydney for over 20 years with a branch in Western Sydney, we have been looking after the needs of hundreds of businesses as they have grown along with the regional development. Growth which has led to our own office re-location and opening of an Oran Park branch in July.

Buying on Price? Sadly you get what you pay for!

No doubt influenced by the deluge of media coverage, many business owners are still making the mistake of choosing insurance to protect their significant asset, revenue, liability or their people, based on the cheapest price (premiums), with little or no explanation about the coverage they are actually buying.

This is simply not the way to go about it. True risk and insurance professionals, such as AEI Insurance Broking Group, engage with their clients to establish exactly what risks could significantly impact the business and then design bespoke insurance solutions to suit. We specialize in tailoring insurance programs around business risk and client’s appetite, providing expert advice on policy coverage, pricing options and a business’ ability to retain risk.

We completely understand that price is a factor in all business decisions, and quality service alone does not balance the scales. So we offer both – good pricing and service.

Being part of Australia’s largest ‘cluster group’ of likeminded insurance professionals, provides us with significant leverage with insurers and enables us to secure the best deals available in the market. In addition to the local market, the AEI Group has developed relationships in international insurance markets including London and Singapore. As insurance is a global business, this strategy is crucial to ensure that we truly are offering best practice solutions from all available markets to our clients.

Our philosophy is simple – we work for and with our clients. We develop an in-depth understanding of your business, discuss your needs and structure the right cover to suit your risks and appetite. We help you manage your business risks, leaving you to get on and do what you know best – running your business

Specialist Industry Expertise

The AEI Group has developed expertise in key niche industry segments:

Transport & Logistics – AEI Transport is one of Australia’s leading Transport Insurance brokers, providing solutions for Heavy Transport, Logistics, Warehousing, Freight Forwarding and all associated sectors. From owner drivers to large fleets, we have the expertise to design, manage and place tailored insurance solutions reflecting industry best practice, backed by superior in-house, local claims management.

Earthmoving & Civil – Clients operating in this sector represent a significant portion of our local business and our experts specialise in providing market leading advice and coverage to clients of all sizes – sole traders, industry associations, multi-million dollar businesses. With the growth in the Macarthur region comes massive amounts of civil works and we are well placed to advise businesses how to handle the risk.

AEI Commercial is our mainstream division, specializing in all aspects of general insurance. Developing insurance programs to suit all businesses, from market stall operators to multi national businesses with revenues exceeding $200 million.

Our senior team are industry leaders with decades of experience providing risk and advisory services to businesses in Manufacturing (own product and contract manufacture), Food and Beverage, Wholesaling, Health Care Services, Aged Care, Truck Body Manufacturers, Contracting, Concrete (production and laying), Engineering and Professional Services.

Consider the Odds

We appreciate that you may have long-term relationships with existing providers, but just consider:

– When was the last time your insurance broker visited you in person?

– Did they ask about changes within your business and discuss the associated risks?

– Did they provide information on new or emerging risks that may impact your business?

Remembering that a perception of great service does not necessarily translate into great advice. The AEI Insurance Broking Group can review existing insurance programs and audit the suitability of the covers in place against the needs of the business.

Any broker can offer to ‘quote’ your business.
Not every broker will ‘advise’ your business.

Don’t risk it, choose the right broker for your business – The AEI Insurance Broking Group

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