Brown Cow Media


    “Just wanted to share my experience of being in print in Smarter Macarthur. I, along with a couple of other video production specialists, were featured in the first issue of the mag. It just goes to show that this magazine works for a loooong time.

    First, an advertising company based in Campbelltown read the magazine perhaps 6-10 months after its publication. They had worked with me before some 6-7 years ago. They were now looking for a great video guy. I got a phone call. Had a coffee. They bought me and my business! I now work with them and still keep trading under the Brown Cow Media name. Wouldn’t have happened without my pretty little face being in Smarter Macarthur.

    Proof 2: issue 1 still working for me. Only 3 months ago, I was contacted by a local business keen to cut out the middle man and work with a local provider to raise awareness of their cause. He found my details after reading the mag article. As a growing concern, this new relationship will be worth many thousands of dollars to my business.”