Rapid action saves lives


When someone has a medical or traumatic emergency at your home, workplace or sporting venue, fast action from trained people with the right equipment is critical. In the instance of a heart attack, it can be a matter of life and death and permanent damage can be done to the heart within 30 minutes if the symptoms of a heart attack are ignored.

But despite most people knowing what should be done, many in our community are ill-equipped to deal with such a scenario prior to the arrival of emergency services. Many individuals don’t have the training and many places do not have the life-saving equipment, especially a defibrillator, to assist.

Rapid action can save lives and EOFY is a great time to assess not only the financial health of your organization but your preparedness to deal with the health of others by upgrading your first aid equipment and training.

To facilitate that process, Anne Rowley of Rapid 1st Aid Training and Supplies is your local source for both training and a range of equipment as well as valuable information on how organisations such as sports clubs and NFPs can apply for a grant towards their purchase of a defibrillator.


Mission: Possible | Funding Assistance

Anne is currently on a mission to get as many defibrillators as possible into the community and is encouraging businesses, sports clubs and other organizations to get in board and take-rapid action.

“As a medically-trained, emergency professional I know from my first-hand experience, the difference that having a defibrillator available in a workplace, on a sports field or in a community place can make in saving lives,” Anne Rowley said.

Having such a piece of equipment sounds expensive but the cost of this life-saving machine is possibly not nearly as much as you would imagine. Anne’s range of defibrillators, which are specifically designed for the workplace, average around $2500 and are extremely user friendly, even providing real-time feedback on the quality of your CPR.

“I’m committed to providing value to my customers and only sell what I consider to be equipment of good quality, which is easy to use and inexpensive to maintain,” Anne said. “I will always ensure training in the device is offered as part of the service to my clients to ensure staff feel at ease using such a wonderful life saving device.”

Anne explained that many people make their purchase decision based on price, without considering the ongoing costs. Some models at the lower end of the price spectrum are more costly to maintain, namely the battery and pads, while Anne has especially selected her range based on great value.

“The maintenance is relatively easy as the batteries and pads come as one usable item and the battery is a lithium based and is good to be left for 4 years from the manufactures date with just a visual check of a green light once a week,” Anne advised.

Once the device is used it would be encouraged that the company or organisation make contact and the details of the event are sent off for confirmation. If it is deemed a bonafide cardiac arrest then the padpak (battery and pads) are replaced for free. Further to this, if the person that was in cardiac arrest has a successful reversion then through the ‘pay-it-forward’ program another defibrillator will be donated to that company/organisation for them to donate to an organisation of their choice.

It is estimated that approximately 25000 Australiawide will suffer an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and less than 10% will survive without immediate access to good quality CPR, defibrillaton and access to definitive emergency care. Certain types of cardiac arrest only respond effectively to defibrillation and if delivered quickly, up to 85% can survive. Success declines at a rate of 10% with each minute delayed.

To assist sports clubs and NFPs purchase a defibrillator, the NSW Government Office of Sport is conducting a Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program. View details at www.sport.nsw.gov.au/clubs/grants/defibrillator or speak with Anne about the upcoming 2018 grant application process, which should open in August-September. You will see Rapid 1st Aid listed in the Zone 1, 2 and 3 AED Panel Service Providers.

“This topic alone I am truly passionate about and my vision is to at least see a defibrillator on every sports field within NSW,” Anne said.

In addition to defibrillators, Rapid 1st Aid also supplies a range of first aid kits, so now is probably an opportune time to check if your kit needs upgrading.

Training is Vital to Saving Lives

Grants are not open to businesses, but Anne has a very competitively priced range of defibrillator packages for business. But no piece of medical equipment is going to assist someone if you don’t know how to use it properly!

“Training in first aid and lifesaving skills such as CPR, is the core of my business and I have especially structured my business model to suit today’s working environment,” Anne said.

When you’re purchasing a defibrillator, Anne doesn’t just deliver the machine, she fully trains your team in the machine’s operations, running mock scenarios to make it as real to the situation as possible, until you are all fully comfortable with your skills and confident that you will be able to operate the machine when required.

“Through all courses, my focus is completely on my client,” Anne said. “I’m mobile so I can conduct courses in your premises and I’m flexible so I can schedule around your business hours.”

“I fully appreciate the issue of lost or decreased productivity,” Anne said. “By bringing the classroom to you for a corporate closed group session I can target the training to your organisation and the associated risks.”

Rapid 1st Aid Training and Supplies has an impressive track record of successfully providing training courses for nearly 15 years, they comply with and exceed the requirements of Workplace Health and Safety rules/ regulations and offer recognised first aid courses in partnership with Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909 www.allenstraining.com.au.

Exceptional Skills and In-depth Knowledge

Engaging in Anne’s Rapid 1st Aid courses is extra special because she brings exceptional credentials, in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience to every session. Experience and knowledge gained as a medically-trained emergency professional with an impressive medical background and experience which makes her mission – personal.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of learning skills such as effective CPR,” Anne said. “It gives your friend, work colleague, sports team mate or even total stranger, a greatly increased chance of survival.”

Anne’s enthusiasm is infectious – in a good way – and her vibrant personality and presentation style is assured of making training a fun, enjoyable and above all, extremely rewarding experience, you only need to check out the reviews online, they speak volumes.

“I’m a local business that supports local business but can service anywhere in the state with my, albeit sporty, wheels and will travel to wherever I’m needed,” Anne said.

Anne mixes business with her love of motorsport by utilising her emergency medical skills within a NFP organisation that looks after the Supercar series. Watch out for her at the back of the starting grid!

So pause for a thought. Imagine that someone in your environment, suffers a medical or traumatic emergency in your presence. You’d read this article, were presented with the opportunity to upgrade your skills and equipment through contacting Anne Rowley and taking Rapid action. But you did nothing. The outcome…… you were unable to render the assistance that person needed.

Rapid action save lives.

Contact Anne Rowley at Rapid 1st Aid today.
M: 0414 767 010 P: 9056 5070
E: rapid1staid@bigpond.com



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