Letterbox Marketing Delivers!


The letterbox drop, marketing via leaflets delivered to mailboxes in a targeted area, is still a highly effective way for a local business to reach its markets. Done right, it offers a solid return on a very economical investment.

In the age of social media and online marketing, Roni’s Letterbox Deliveries is a local independent distributor still ‘kickin’ it old-skool’ and, with 22 years in the business, owners Veronica and Brian Flint can confidently say it’s for good reason: it works.

“For any B2B business, the ability to deliver directly to businesses within Macarthur allows clients to target a precise market.”

According to Veronica, a letterbox drops is a cost-effective marketing method that allows a business to directly target the local demographic, and, because it’s so affordable, it can be employed regularly, for repeat exposure.

Letterbox drops vs. social media marketing

Letterbox drops, compared with social media marketing, are also time-effective and low-risk – any small business owner using social media as a marketing tool will tell you that social media can be incredibly time-consuming and involves a degree of risk. Another way of putting it – low stress!

Letterbox drops integrated with social media marketing

But it doesn’t have to be a case of letterbox box vs. digital marketing. The two can work successfully together for an integrated marketing mix. Add your social media handles or a QR code to your flyer, or send out your takeaway menu with details of how to order online.

B2C and B2B

Delivering to Macarthur’s rural areas and the developing new estates, Veronica says “Both these markets work for our clients – keeping them in touch with established rural markets and introducing them to new Macarthur residents.”

Roni’s also covers B2B marketing. “For any B2B business, the ability to deliver directly to businesses within Macarthur allows clients to target a precise market.”

Roni’s also offers flyer printing and flyer handouts, so if you were thinking about using a cheap, overseas printer, why not keep your dollars local and have you printing and distribution taken care of in the one place – Roni’s employs over 70 members of the local community and, in some cases, second and third generations from the same family.

Roni’s guarantee

Roni’s is a member of the Distribution Standards Board, and guarantees “over 98% coverage of either domestic or business markets with tried and tested walkers.” Being an independent distributor means your flyers will never be bundled in with those of multinationals.

As testament to the success of their services, 75% of Roni’s Letterbox Delivery clients are repeat clients, with many others word-of-mouth referrals.

Top tips
for a successful leaflet drop
(maximum response rates)

• Consider your target markets before you plan your flyer to ensure you’ve tailored your message to really connect with your audience
• Consider what you want the reader to do next and make it your ‘call to action’ – this might include a phone number, web address, social media details, a free sample or a cut off date for taking advantage of a special offer
• Ensure your flyer is free from spelling or grammatical mistakes. Hire a copywriter and a graphic designer for best results. Talk with the professionals you engage about how you can create maximum impact.
• Stick around – make your flyer magnetic, or a sticker, to help ensure it’s kept in a place where it will remain visible.

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