Keep in Touch with Your Clients, the Old Fashioned Way

Keep in Touch with Your Clients, the Old Fashioned Way

I assist businesses by offering a way to build lasting connections with their clients.

Everyone wants our attention usually through emails and SMS’s but sometimes these only add to the noise. If you feel this way, chances are so does your client.

Sending them a card instead of an email changes that. It’s personal and shows you care more than just about making a business transaction.

Open rates are much higher than with emails, and your client will appreciate that you’ve taken the time just for them. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you receive a card in the mail addressed to you, that’s the feeling you can give your clients.

Relationships are built on how we feel about the other person and how your client feels about you can mean the difference between continued business and an “I’ll think about it”.

I can help you stand out using a system that works with your business to keep you front of mind and clients coming back.

We stay loyal to brands because of how they make us feel. Get in touch with me and let’s get your clients feeling good about you.

Kind regards
Richard de Groot

As well as coming to your business to tailor a strategy for your needs, Richard can be seen around Macarthur showing the huge diversity of cards available in his system.

Ph: 02-4636 6333
Mob: 0432 371 765
“Cha nging lives a nd businesses…
one card at a time”