While governments defer, delay and deliberate on energy and climate policy, you can take your own action to reduce energy costs by installing solar. Being inspired to make that decision is easy, deciding on a trustworthy and reliable supplier can be more difficult. Solution: Inspire Energy, Macarthur’s most trusted solar and battery installation experts.

With the popularity of solar for both commercial buildings and homes expanding, so is the prevalence of suppliers, bombarding us with offers and creating customer confusion. Inspire Energy cuts through the confusion, because they’re simply not like other solar companies.

The Local Solar Solution

Inspire Energy is clearly differentiated by quality products, impressive accreditations, premium installations, unprecedented commitment to warranties, access to local-based support teams and company-employed installers, not sub-contractors. All located right here in Macarthur.

We’ve been operating for 10 years, originally in Penrith but now in Macarthur, Wollondilly and the Highlands region and we’re extremely proud of the trust we have built up with customers through quality installations and service delivery, Matt Hartney, Managing Director, Inspire Energy said.

Matt considers trust one of the most important factors when it comes to selecting a solar or battery installation supplier and has built an enviable reputation as Macarthur’s most trusted solar and battery installation expert.

“We ensure that you get a premium installation, by our locally-based business, with our own employed tradesmen and two local offices. It really gives our customers peace of mind,” Matt said.

Inspire Energy customers have access to Australian-based, NOT off-shore, product companies so their team is right here to answer queries and attend to any issues. Should you ever have issues with the product, need to redeem warranty or queries, it is a much easier, more reliable process dealing with Australian-based companies, rather than chasing up overseas-based operators.

Matt Hartney, founder of Inspire Energy, has always had an invested passion in the renewable sector and being able to grow a business that strongly values sustainable solutions, especially in his local area is the realisation of a long-held aspiration.

Fully Accredited Company

Accreditation is a non-negotiable in the solar sector and Inspire Energy has an impressive list.

Inspire Energy installation crews are Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers, which is the pinnacle ovoluntary schemes for solar companies. For customers, this means: assurance that they have gone through a rigorous process to become an Approved Solar Retailer a standard minimum warranty period of five years. Detailed information on the process between system installation and network connection; and peace of mind that they will adhere to all existing legislation and will act ethically, not engaging in any dishonest or misleading tactics.

The crew is also Smart Energy Council Accredited Master Installers. Professionals, who provide expert advice, design and installation to give you the best long term solar return. To achieve this rating, they participated in an intensive training program, remain current with the latest best practice in design and installation and pass regular audits and inspections.

Both these accreditations are difficult for any solar company to obtain so it shows the lengths we have gone to in order to provide a premium service for our customers, Matt said.

Since starting the business in 2008, Matt has built strong connections and is highly sought after for his knowledge, experience and trustworthiness. It is this trust which has empowered Inspire Energy to grow to now having two offices along with a fully functioning warehouse in the Macarthur region.

Government rebates originally prompted the massive interest in solar and boosted our initial growth, Matt said. But now, solar is more affordable and benefits realized more quickly and this is really pushing the sector along.

Real Benefits for Business

With energy a major operating cost for business, more and more are turning to solar and to Inspire Energy.

The general return on investment for a 5kw system is between 2.5 and 3 years so it is becoming much more affordable as well as offering a range of other benefits to businesses, Matt said.

Installing solar PV panels boosts your environmental status with significant green credentials, which connects with environmentally conscious Australians.

It’s crucial for modern businesses to understand the need to be a part of the changing paradigm in how our society accesses and uses electricity, Matt said. By investing in solar, you’re joining other pioneering local businesses that are eager to responsibly grow our region.

Matt also believes that a commercial solar installation is a great PR opportunity as it highlights to stakeholders that you are forward-thinking and ready to adapt to a changing world. Making a statement that your company is environmentally conscious and willing to be a part of the solution.

Inspire Energy includes another important benefit with each installation – solar monitoring – so you can actually see what your panels are producing and when. Solar Analytics allows you to check on the performance of your panels remotely, from your mobile!

Quality Product Range

Inspire Energy offer a comprehensive range of solutions for both commercial and residential and will discuss the various options with you so you can make an informed decision.

Battery technology is a critical component of an installation as they store the excess power to be available to you at night, during blackouts etc. Inspire Energy uses LG Chem batteries and are qualified LG Chem RESU preferred Installers. They are also Fronius Service Partners, authorised to procure and service Fronius inverters without invalidating the warranty and SolaX Authorised Dealers.

For more information, Matt and his team have prepared some valuable material for our Smarter Advice column and you are invited to visit the Inspire Energy showrooms at Smeaton Grange or

Be inspired to reduce your energy costs and help the environment with Inspire Energy, Macarthur’s most trusted solar and battery installation experts.

Inspire Energy (02) 4623 2134
Head Office: Suite 2, 59 Argyle St Camden, NSW 2570.
Showroom: Unit 2 14-16 Exchange Parade, Smeaton Grange, NSW 2567



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