Guerilla Marketing: 7 Inexpensive Strategies


Guerrilla Marketing is a term that refers to the use of low-cost, unconventional methods of marketing to sell your products or services. Jay Conrad Levinson coined the term “Guerrilla Marketing” in his bestselling book of the same name. Levinson emphasised that the true secret to effective Guerrilla Marketing is trying several low-cost marketing techniques. Select your techniques with care, and fully commit to carrying them out.

There are people who will remain unknown in the marketplace simply because they don’t experiment and try to find the right marketing strategy. The best marketing strategy comes from trying out different methods, discarding the ones that don’t work and sticking with those that do. Here are some inexpensive tactics to try out that you can easily incorporate into your own marketing plan.

1. Canvassing

Politicians have been using canvassing for ages; it may not be very glamorous, but it definitely works. It doesn’t cost anything for you to knock on the door of a house and tell someone directly about your business or product.

2. Business Cards

There are plenty of places where you can get a load of business cards printed cheaply. Once you have your cards just hand them out or stick them on advertising/ bulletin boards. Put your contact details on one side, and on the other side put a call to action.

3. Telemarketing

While a lot of people are annoyed by telemarketers the reason the industry remains alive is because it still works and it’s cheap to do. It’s another good marketing strategy to use when you’re on a tight budget. At around 25 cents a call, it’s a more efficient way to reach your clients than canvassing from door-to-door.

4. Gift Cards

If you have a product to sell, consider handing out gift cards for your products. People are willing to buy almost anything if there’s a discount and if you, the business owner, are personally giving them one, then that’s just an added plus. It shows how friendly and warm you are.

5. Newsletters

If you’re a writer with a lot of great ideas, why not put this skill into a newsletter that you can send to your existing customer base? You can easily send newsletters through free email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook. com, or better still, open a free newsletter account such as MailChimp.

6. Mailing Lists

Let’s never forget the good old-fashioned mailing list. There are two ways to go about a mailing list: literal snail mail and now email. If you have a website then include a contact form where people can give you their address to join a mailing list. If you’re not tech savvy, try MailChimp, the free newsletter account. Not only can you send newsletters, but MailChimp will also help you to create sign-up forms that you can use on your own website.

7. Flyers

Flyers are another great option, if a bit messy. It’s better to just hand flyers out like you would a business card, or find a place to hang them or stick them to. They’re cheap to print, and they’re great if you want to advertise products and events – keep it visual and ensure you have a call to action.

Whatever marketing strategy you choose, remember that guerrilla marketing can give you a much needed boost when you need it.