From humble beginnings, the WildFx Story.


The business scene can be a bit of a jungle out there and cutting through the crowd to get noticed and capture your market share can be a challenge. So consider going wild, or more specifically going to WILD FX for your promotional and printing requirements.

WILD FX is a trusted brand with the highly experienced Phillip Raish at the helm, delivering quality Vehicle, Building & Window Signage Graphic Design, Apparel, Printing and Promotional Merchandise. They are all about helping you Get Noticed.

Streamlined Service, Cost-Effective Solutions

“We’ve brought all these services into a convenient onestop operation because we know that business operators are time-poor and having being able to deliver multiple services from one location delivers them real cost-saving,” Phillip Raish explains.

But that is just one of the advantages of this one-stop operation. As Phillip explains, continuity in both quality and style of corporate branding is critical to delivering a consistent message which cuts through to the market.

“By having one company handle everything from design to vehicle, building and window signage through to apparel, merchandise and printing, clients are assured of uniform high quality across their brand as well as saving on production costs,” Phillip said.

Been There, Done that, Achieved This

Another great advantage of going wild for WILD FX is the actual hands-on business growth experience and insight that Phillip has to share. He has ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ so he relates to what businesses are facing in regards to getting noticed and growing their business.

Phillip originally started his business part-time while still working full-time in a Mid-Management Corporate role with McDonald’s and other leading franchises.

“To earn more and shatter the glass ceiling, was my motivation to create WILD FX,” Phillip recalls, “to help earn some extra dollars for my young family.”

Phillip originally started out as a middle man/broker for branded coffee cups and pens but clients were constantly asking him for more and more and he carefully listened to what the market was telling him. He also dedicated time to a high level of thought – time to anticipate what businesses really needed to help them get noticed and he responded with action.

After several years juggling both roles, Phillip realised that being an entrepreneur was giving him the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment that his corporate roles just weren’t and he made the brave leap to operating his own business full-time.

“The one thing I distinctly remember was that it was much harder than I ever anticipated with the business not growing as quickly as I thought it would,” Phillip recalls.

Sharing Lessons Learnt

The pressure of growing a new business brought out the best in Phillip and he made some very intelligent business decisions, and as he readily admits, some not smart ones.

“To keep up with demand and also deliver the best possible quality, I made the massive call to move from reselling to manufacturing as much as possible on site,” Phillip said.

This also involved undergoing training courses in Print, Vehicle Signage Installation and the most advanced operational procedures. A move which paid dividends and paved for way for the many satisfied, long-term returning customers that WILD FX enjoys today.

Phillip shares his most important business lessons for the benefit of those facing challenges:

Treat all customers with equal respect be it they spend $100 or $100,000.

Always trust your gut, and Back yourself. Always.

As a fourth bonus tip, Phillip advises “Always evolve with industry changes and demands.”

The WILD West

Today, WILD FX has captured South Western Sydney, with a Production Facility at Prestons, 4 highly skilled staff and an enviable reputation for quality, speed and reliability.

After his own years of continual organic growth, Phillip’s business now helps other businesses to grow with Signage, Vehicle Wraps, Graphic Design, Printing and Promotional Products with a focus on manufacturing as many products as possible on site.

If you want to get noticed, reflect on the lessons from WILD FX, a fine business and fine example of what is possible.

“Great businesses grow one job and one customer at a time,” Phillip reminds us.

To learn more, Google or FB “wild fx” and check out their many 5 star reviews. Also, connect with Phillip Raish on LinkedIn and read through dozens and personal reviews and testimonials as to his character and business output. | CALL US TODAY 8783 5194

“Treat all customers with equal respect be it they spend $100 or $100,000”

“Always trust your gut” “Back yourself. Always”



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