Club Menangle Racing into the future


The recent name change and rebrand to Club Menangle is just the tip of the iceberg for the harness racing facility formerly called Tabcorp Park Menangle. Club Menangle chief executive Bruce Christison recently announced the plan to turn the facility into a major entertainment hub to cater to the growing community.

Many of us may remember the trotting track at Menangle for the midweek trots, or the Sunday markets. Well the old trotting track has grown up a lot, and there is a lot more to come yet.

This is an exciting new phase for the club that is more than 100 years old. It is already more than just the home of harness racing with excellent event facilities. Club Menangle hosts many business and charity events. If you haven’t been to an event there, get to one soon.

Positioning for the future

There is no doubt that Club Menangle is in the middle of a major growth area in the south west of Sydney. Menangle Park is expecting an extra 3,100 homes. The area between Menangle Park and Wilton is preparing for a further 35,000 homes.

Bruce Christison said “While there a number of reasons for the new trading name, the major reason was to best position the club for the future. By creating a more inclusive brand, our board believes the club will be in a better position to diversify the entertainment options and grow with the community.”

The plans are ambitious, but they are plans to grow with and for the community. “As the club owns a significant amount of land in a major growth area it is imperative that we position the club to benefit both today and into the future.”

The old with the new

Historic Menangle House which sits on the corner leading to the track was recently purchased by Club Menangle. Menangle House will undergo refurbishment as part of the plan and become the centrepiece of a new registered club. An application by Club Menangle was lodged with Campbelltown Council in April this year to establish a registered club on the site.

Exciting new developments

While the history of the site will be maintained with Menangle House there will be plenty of new elements to make this an exciting gateway to the racing track. The expansion plan includes:
• Hotel accommodation
• Fitness Centre
• Residential Accommodation
• A child care centre
• Restaurants and bars

These new facilities should all benefit the many new families moving into the area. This will help a new estate become a vibrant community. “Each of these business opportunities will require a business plan and the profits generated will be returned to the harness racing industry,” Bruce said.

All still about harness racing

Harness racing fans be assured that your sport is safe. According to Bruce “The reason this club exists is to facilitate harness racing.” He is quite clear that harness racing will remain at the core of the project. The club’s legal entity will remain the NSW Harness Racing Club, and the track itself would be known as Tabcorp Park at Club Menangle.

Reinforcing the club’s commitment to harness racing Bruce said “The club currently contributes more than $5.5 million dollars of its own funds to ensure NSW has the best prizemoney in harness racing.”

He went on to say “The club is fortunate that decisions made many years ago have presented the opportunity to diversify revenue streams in the future. The sale of Harold Park has given the club a pool of funds which must also be protected and only the revenue generated can be spent to meet our prizemoney commitment.”

In Summary

Club Menangle is already a wonderful facility, and they certainly engage with and support their local community very well. It’s wonderful to see them launch such great plans for the future, yet stay strong to their roots and the very reason they exist, harness racing.

Club Menangle is a great example of what is happening in the Macarthur region, and we should all be encouraged by their plans. If you want more information about Club Menangle, or would like to check out membership options visit their website,

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Rolf Fuchs
Rolf has lived in the Campbelltown area for nearly 30 years and has raised his family here with his wife Karen. Being passionate for his local community Rolf has served on local boards such as Disability Macarthur and Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce. Having a strong interest in communication Rolf is also a veteran member of local Toastmasters Clubs. This also led to Rolf writing articles for Smarter Macarthur magazine, to be able to research and report on local news events not only involving the local business community but the also the greater Macarthur region community. Rolf is also a member of the Good Morning Macarthur team reporting the many great initiatives and events happening in Macarthur. After many years in the IT industry Rolf retrained as a Life Coach. His passion has always been to help people, he is now able to help people gain new direction, skills and confidence enabling them to achieve things they may never have thought possible. Rolf was also co-chair of the inaugural Macarthur Multicultural Children’s Festival in 2018, which was an outstanding success.