Building Into the future


Open House at Simone Homes

A relatively new name on the home building scene but built on solid foundations, Simone Homes is quickly establishing an enviable reputation with their fresh, new approach to the home building market.

We knocked on the front door and went inside to chat with General Manager, Daniel Simone about what makes this family business so remarkable.

“My father Joseph has been in the industry for over 35 years and Simone Homes evolved from his Simone Constructions business,” Daniel explained. “So we have proven, long-term, solid management and business practices that people can trust as well as a heritage in hands-on building which shows in the pride we have in our workmanship.”

Both Joseph and Daniel are carpenters by trade and their craftsman-style approach and attention to detail is clearly evident in every Simone home.

“Our number one core value is ‘Build Every Home As If It’s Your Own’ but our unique trademark offering is the openness and transparency that we’re bringing to the home building industry,” Daniel said. “We’re taking building into the future.”

Daniel passionately and enthusiastically explains how Simone Homes combines traditional quality craftsmanship with today’s communication technology by developing systems ‘behind the scene’ for the benefit of their clients.

“In an industry where customers are not always shown the whole story, we’re providing a wealth of knowledge and information for both our own clients and for anyone looking to build a new home to access through our website,” Daniel explains.

Resources include videos on a full range of topics including how to select your builder, real site visits which show you exactly how and why things happen on a building site, interviews with key people, tender talk which covers issues of concern to buyers, as well as insider tips and hints which empower families to make better decisions on their new home and their choice of builder.

“We are totally transparent to our clients, offering them an online portal where they can see the building schedule themselves and see exactly who is working on what stage of their home at any time without having to go to the site,” Daniel said. “It’s really taking the process of building into a future direction and a direction that customers expect and we have more to come.”

Simone Homes truly embrace technology but not at the expense of traditional values of customer service.

“My Mother, Rosemary, works side by side with us. Mum’s a great communicator and innovator who brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Her keen eye for detail and her impeccable style, see’s her designs highly sought after,” Daniel said, “We offer a range of designs to suit various block sizes as a starting point to develop bespoke plans for individual families.”

And we’re there through every stage. Clients have a single, consistent point of contact through the entire design and build process and beyond through our after-care service.”

Family always comes first at Simone Homes, the family they’re building for!

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