Brokers are Solutionists

Diane Yeates

Yes this is correct we are basically Solution Orientated Professionals.

In the past when lenders would have said NO to their customers, that pretty much meant NO. Today Mortgage Brokers have brought competition to the home loan market because they bring other lenders to the table that clients don’t know about or don’t know how to get access to.

Because we have access to many different lenders and product options at our disposal we work hard to find the right solution for every scenario. I have access to second and third tier lenders that have different niches and risk appetites giving our clients many more options. Every client is different and not all our clients’ situations tick the boxes for the four major banks.

There is no fee to the client for our services, we get paid by the lender. This payment is not capitalized onto your loan. We give credit proposal disclosure to our clients outlining how we get paid.

We assist clients to find a suitable lender that suits their needs and objectives.

We meet our clients outside working hours, normally we drive to their workplace or home and have a consultation. I have met many Macarthur based clients on Saturday mornings at 8am at their home and have sat and had breakfast with them while we discussed their home loan. I promise it is fun being a broker, and very rewarding when we help with that first home purchase, investment property, holiday home!

We verify your ID documents, and a whole other bunch of stuff like wage slips and group certs, bank statements, mortgage statements, superannuation statements, to make sure that they are in line with declared income etc. I really enjoy taking the stress of form filling away,


it all helps create a pain free experience and allows you to enjoy the excitement of the purchase!

I discuss your goals and objectives and what you want from your product and their lender, for example a fixed or variable rate, interest only or principle and interest, redraw options, offset accounts, loan portability, access to branch networks and ATM networks etc.

It doesn’t stop there! We do a lot of research based on our consultation and the client’s circumstance such as are they first time buyers, self employed, casual or contract. Is it for refinance, a debt consolidation, cash out, a construction or guarantor loan. Everything from family guarantees or a guarantor loan, bad credit history to a discharged bankrupt I can look after for you.

All of the above are factors that we need to take into consideration when researching for our clients, not every lender will have an appetite for the above so it’s important we identify a lender that suits the criteria of our client. With over 37 lenders on our panel this gives our clients many options available.

Once we have identified a lender that suits the needs and objectives and criteria for you, we give you a full product recommendation with products comparisons side by side and also it gives comparative savings with all fees and costs associated with the product.

The above is just a brief description of what I do as brokers for my clients, the list goes on but I hope you get a broader understanding what the broker does for each of their clients. My true saying is “ A client is a client for life,” always look after you no matter if it’s a deal for 50k or 500k everyone of my clients are equal.
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Diane Yeates
I have worked in the land of finance for almost 12 years in the USA, Ireland and Australia. I have a lot of experience in mortgages, refinancing, investment properties, commercial lending and asset finance. I also have experience with insurances – Income payment protection/mortgage protection, Life Cover and Home Insurance. I absolutely love what I do, I am passionate about my job and I get great satisfaction in securing the first time buyer mortgage approval for their dream home, an investment or holiday home for maturer clients, or the rewarding purchase of a commercial property for business clients. To hear the excitement in their voice and to see the joy on their face is just epic. It’s so rewarding. I am certainly a ‘people person’ and I just love being around others and helping those make the right decisions for their future and families. I have always worked with people and my career has been built on professionalism and honesty with my clients. My client is my priority and my responsibility. After great adventures travelling and gaining experience in 3 continents, it’s wonderful to finally settle amongst the warm and friendly folk of Macarthur and grow our young family! Please contact me anytime for a chat about all things finance, and I can pop over to discuss best options for you.