Average Dollar Sales: How To Grow Them


“Welcome to the first in a series of “One Minute Coach” articles to help improve your business by focusing on the things you can change to make a difference so you can then enjoy running a profitable business”

Once a customer has made the decision to buy from you, what innovative things can you say and do to increase their expenditure at the point of sale:

• Prime motivation at all times should be to make it as easy as possible for your customers to do business with you
• Irrespective of what service you provide or what products you sell, use the “Would you like fries and a coke with that” approach – it works in McDonalds stores around the world and it can work for you
• Identify the complementary products and services in your business and make sure you offer them to every purchaser – every time
• Systematically test your up selling questions and measure the responses from your customers
• Once you have identified the questions and techniques that work best – make them part of your sales procedures and ensure every staff member utilises them at every sales opportunity – without fail
• Don’t just tell them how much better the more expensive model is – seeing is usually believing for most people so take every opportunity to provide them with practical demonstrations
• If yours is a retail business then follow the lead of the supermarkets – have all the small, tempting items conveniently located right at the cash register
• Display complimentary items next to each other such as writing paper and pens, copy paper and ink cartridges or spare sets of shoelaces and tins of boot polish next to new shoes
• Use bold and imaginative signage to attract customers attention towards products that you want to move promptly
• For the more technical types of products, always have the manufacturers specification sheets and instructions for use within easy reach
• Try the “Free Gift with any purchase over XXX Dollars” approach, ensuring that the dollar amount is higher than the average dollar spend of your usual customers – only reward them for spending more than usual
• Irrespective of your industry, employ a “frequent buyer card” program – if airlines right down to coffee shops are doing it, so can you
• Take the time to meet with other business owners in your area and enter into cross selling and cross promotional activities with them to help boost each others sales and to increase buyer awareness of each others businesses

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