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Ian is a passionate storyteller and author, who writes lively and interesting stories about the people, places and events from the past in the Macarthur area. Dr Willis has a PhD in Australian History, is a honorary fellow at the University of Wollongong and a member of a number of professional organisations. His work has been published in books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, journals and online across the globe. If you want to read more search online . Ian says that everyone has an interesting story to tell and he simply does not believe that people lead boring lives. Revealing the stories of the Macarthur region is like peeling an onion, with each layer full of all sorts of characters and identities - they came with hopes and dreams - some fulfilled, some not. Their lives were full of colour Ian believes that even the humblest folk have an interesting story. From his role as editor of Camden History, the journal of the Camden Historical Society, and as a past president of the society, he claims that he is yet to find a boring local story. Told in an interesting and engaging fashion these stories make riveting reading and can be real page-turners. All cultures have storytellers that tell us about ourselves and our families, our businesses and the wider community. These stories act as a mirror to each of us and tug at the heart strings of our lives. This is the essence of marketing. Ian says that all of all these folks and their stories give our local area its unique charm and personality. Together these stories contribute to what the architects, town planners and geographers call placemaking. This is the process of making people feel a sense of belonging and shared ownership of their community. The technical term for this is social capital according to the sociologists. This process is vitally important for people’s wellness, and building community health and resilience.
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