AUSFIRE – 10 Years of Fire Safety and Protection


As Ausfire Protection reaches the significant milestone of 10 years in business, it’s a timely reminder to all businesses to review their fire safety and protection equipment and systems. For the personal safety of you, your staff and visitors and for the viability of the business itself.

Ziva Savin, the owner of Ausfire Protection, reflects on the alarming statistic that over 100 businesses experience downtime because of small fires in the workplace every year.

“Of course, businesses are insured but many don’t realise the real cost of even a small fire,’ Ziva said. “The downtime alone can have a substantial impact on the viability of a business. Many don’t recover and for many others, they lose staff and customers and have to virtually start from scratch.”

Ausfire Protection has spent the past 10 years working with local businesses to install quality fire safety systems and equipment and Ziva emphasises to everyone – don’t be reactive, be PROACTIVE!

It doesn’t matter the size of your business, smallest to largest, Ausfire provides a comprehensive range of fire protection services and equipment to suit even one-man-band operations.

When reviewing your fire protection system, the starting point should be engaging Ausfire to conduct a cost-effective building compliance assessment. They will then advise the right solution for your business and supply the equipment required to ensure not only compliance, but peace of mind.

Ausfire Protection services include building compliance and certification, supply and installation of portable fire equipment,electrical appliance testing and tagging, and most importantly, Annual Fire Safety Statements and Council Certification. Check their full range of products

Scheduled servicing, testing and maintenance is critical to an effective fire protection system.

Many people are great at meeting compliance and installing the required extinguishers,fire blankets and signage, but then overlook having it checked regularly as per the Australian Standards.

“We know of many instances where we’ve inspected an extinguisher and it’s not working because it hasn’t been
serviced for years,’ he said.

With 24/7 service, Ausfire Protection
is readily available to service and
maintain the equipment they install
and provide the annual certification
to ensure your business remains
compliant. Their technicians are fully
qualified and strictly adhere to the
relevant Australian Standards and

“We’re driven by our genuine interest
in every customer’s safety and we help
everyone find the right solution for
their property.”

Achieving a decade of service to local businesses is a noteworthy achievement for any business and well worth celebrating. But for Ziva and his team, they prefer to focus on the number of businesses they have assisted over that time and potentially, how many major fire incidents have been prevented.

It’s now winter and the incidence of fires increases dramatically during this season, so no more procrastinating. It’s time to be proactive!

Contact Ziva at Ausfire Protection for an obligation free quote and invaluable advice on protecting your business.

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