Aspiring to your Ideal Business?


The Local Business Network moves you closer

No, not another business networking group, but a new and completely different concept for business owners to work on their business, grow and nurture plans and ideas, be motivated and inspired and share and exchange skills and expertise.

The Local Business Network is clearly defined by three key goal outcomes to get you closer to your Ideal Business:

1. Ideal Income: be well paid for the risks you’ve taken

2. Ideal Freedom: ensure your business is less dependent on you

3. Ideal Scale/Size: realise your business as a valuable asset.

With a passion for helping local businesses grow, Local Business Advisor, Colin Potts launched The Local Business Network in early 2017 to provide a structured framework for business owners and key decision makers such as CEOs and GMs to meet and focus on building their Ideal Business.

“The focus of our group is for members to collectively work towards their Ideal Business by drawing on the combined experience in the room,” Colin said. “No sales pitches and no selling, just a dedicated and laser focused block of ‘you’ time with the likeminded plus a lot more within a totally collaborative and productive framework.”

Review: “Finally a supportive business group not about selling, we actually worked on our businesses to tackle “issues”. I walked away with 4 action items. Cassandra May, Maytek IT Solutions

Colin clearly differentiates the ‘network’ from ‘networking’ by explaining that people attend networking groups for leads, referrals and marketing. They attend The Local Business Network to work on strategy and business growth.

“It’s a fun environment where members get to work on $20k opportunities with other like-minded business owners. It’s like a gym to work on your business fitness,” Colin said

Structured Format for Focus

The fortnightly meetings are structured in three rotating formats to optimise outcomes.

In the Classroom workshop sessions, members “Learn to Earn” by working on $20k problems in the 3 key areas where money is being made or lost.

In the Boardroom ‘mastermind’ session, members select from a menu of $20k problems and work on these “Peer to Peer”.

While the Workroom sessions are for getting the above strategies implemented and turning those $20k problems fixes into bankable dollars.

What is a $20k problem?

A $20k problem is any problem or opportunity in your business that when it’s fixed or implemented creates time and money. Colin elaborates that the focus on a $20,000 problem is essentially notional.

“The value of the problem will depend on the scale of your business with bigger businesses solving bigger numbers and smaller businesses, smaller,” Colin said. “We use the $20k Problem Menu to identify opportunities and problems, with Members working on resolving them every fortnight to move towards their Ideal Business.”

While meetings are exclusively for key decision makers, The Local Business Network is open to all sized businesses ranging from solo-entrepreneurs, sole traders, SMEs through to multi-million dollar enterprises across industry sectors and across Macarthur and nearby regions.

Positive Outcomes Drive Membership

The reasons that business owners have already joined The Local Business Network, highlight the differences

Value for Time & Money

Time: 90mins x 2 per month

Investment: $495 + GST per month

Return: $20,000?

Affordable, High Quality, Group Business Coaching in your local area

between this exciting new concept and other business groups. Members have said they joined to have dedicated time every month to work ON their business rather than IN it; others to work on solving problems to reduce costs; many find it easier to work with other business owners on development rather than alone; many want to accelerate the growth process and pretty much all want to capitalize on opportunities within their business.

Special FREE Offer

Tell Colin “the Smarter Macarthur article was awesome” and receive:

• A priority “Business feature” on The Local Business Network – Macarthur’s Facebook page

• Access to The Macarthur Business Community Facebook Page

• 2 for 1 entry to the next Boardroom session for you and your business buddy

Local business, Local passion, Local focus!

Colin Potts is passionate about helping local business and combines an MBA and 20 years of experience with cutting edge content, tools and software to help business owners build their Ideal Business in 3 ways:

Promotion via a Facebook “Business Feature” to 2500+followers

The Local Business Network to work on $20k problems every month, and

1 to 1 Coaching to solve $20k problems faster and improve profitability

Colin’s burning desire is to reverse the small business failure rate, one $20,000 problem at a time! Find out why other local businesses are already sharing his passion at or take advantage of the special offer in this issue.

It is amazing the wealth of knowledge and experience that exists in the Local Business Network and having Colin guide the process was invaluable.  The biggest benefit for me was being able to plan out strategies to implement into my business to increase profit.

Stephen Pauley

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I’m a great believer in Personal and Professional Development and TMBN is one of the ticks for professional development. It’s great to be able to regularly meet with like-minded business owners and to be able to openly share, learn and implement strategies in my business as a result. Colin has a genuine interest in helping business owners to get the best for their business in order to drive growth.

Natalie Campbell, The Assistant For You

Hi Colin, I just wanted say it was a pleasure to be in your class today.  I found the content very thought provoking and useful for our business. We now have our heads down brainstorming our point of action using the notes from today. I look forward to the next workshop.

Kaylah Almanro, KArisma Accounting.