About Us

Producing each issue is a select team of professionals, with complementary skills and talents and extensive experience in their respective fields. Most importantly with hands-on business experience. In addition to their work with the magazine, each team member operates their own small business so they directly identify with and relate to the challenges faced by SMEs on a daily basis. A small team, big on enthusiasm, drive and expertise, with a genuine interest and purpose to assist and support businesses in Macarthur to thrive.

Lyndall Lee Arnold

Editor, Chief Writer

With 40+ years of experience in writing and producing the full spectrum of materials for business across just about every industry imaginable, Lyndall instils every issue with her trademark insight, instinct and talent. A complete pragmatist, she insists that every issue can’t just be ‘of interest’ it has to be ‘of value’ and every story has to be clear, concise and connect.

Rob Park

Project Manager

Rob is a founding member behind Smarter Macarthur, launching the first issue with the team and guiding every issue.With a background in retail, the barter economy and other sectors, he is well-connected and his business acumen is reflected through the quality of the magazine. Rob directs operations and controls the entire process from concept to distribution and is constantly working on new ideas to expand the magazine and offer new opportunities to our advertisers and contributors.

Terry Diomis

Sales and Marketing

A Macarthur local, Terry’s enthusiasm is contagious and he inspires and motivates other business people with ideas to promote through the magazine. As a business owner as well as a founding member, Terry knows the area, the market and the opportunities and he works closely with our advertisers to develop plans and solutions to suit their business objectives.With each edition, Terry delivers results for advertisers by tirelessly promoting them to his huge captive audience both on a personal and business level, and through his influence as Macarthur’s premier MC.

Ian Wallis


With 30 years of experience, Ian has an impressive portfolio which showcases his skill and talent as a graphic designer. A fellow founding member, the high quality of his work is evident in every issue as he consistently develops new creative concepts and delivers striking, attention-grabbing designs for every page.

Abdullah Razee

Web & Online strategy

Abdullah has experience in business management and systems, business strategy and process improvement. His role is to support Rob and the team, to enhance process-oriented problems and enterprise transformation efforts.

Brian Laul

Contributing Writer

After an impressive media career with leading broadcasters, Brian moved to Macarthur and established an entertainment-based business. He knows the locals and his well-known around the area and he uses his connections to organise great profile pieces on local businesses and identities. A writer for much of his career, his contributions provide valuable insights into shared experiences across the Macarthur business community.

Rolf Fuchs

Contributing Writer

Rolf is a long-term Macarthur local, a success coach and Director of Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce and ideally place to capture local content to keep readers updated with local events and strategies that may affect their business. He keeps abreast of local council activities and what’s happening in the Chamber of Commerce and shares the latest news in his informative reports.

Eng Ung

Web and Contributing Writer

Every operation needs a tech guy and Eng has filled that essential role for the team, building our first website, even pounding the pavements before we had launched the first magazine! A founding member, his capabilities extend across many areas including website development, all things new and exciting in devices, platforms and technology and imparting knowledge and guidance on its use. Eng has contributed articles relating to technology and how businesses can utilise new media in their marketing strategy.