5 Things young people in business Need To Know

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Byron Dempsey –

Twelve months ago I started a podcast called Driven Young which last week reached the number one spot on Apple Podcasts in the Business and Education categories in Australia, and number seven in the USA for Business. I was also a finalist in the Podcast Australia awards up against some big players like Mamamia and Corona Cast (ABC) who have studios and whole teams behind them compared to just me in the spare room of my apartment. This is an amazing achievement in quite a short time and has really surprised me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked hard, particularly during COVID when I lost a lot of my paid work so have spent 8-10 hours a day on this project… but lots of people work hard, so what’s the difference?


Until recently I was a starter, not a finisher. I’d get excited about a project, brainstorm and plan but over time get bored and give up or simply move onto something new and exciting. I’ve seen this with podcasts too, hundreds of thousands are started every year but only 10% make it past 7 episodes. People get excited, they buy the gear, plan their topics but 90% don’t carry on with it. I decided I’d be one of the 10% and stopped taking on new projects and concentrated on my podcast. It was hard but I’ve stuck at it. Don’t allow yourself to start a new project until you have completed the one in front of you.


Less is more, by focusing on one project you can have laser focus instead of spreading your energy across many projects that you are more likely to give up on. This is a dangerous loop to get caught in and one many young entrepreneurs fall for because they love ‘new shiny things’. We are the biggest victims of getting distracted and not finishing. I have seen this SO many times with people I worked with and at events I attended.


There are podcasts and websites about absolutely everything so don’t think your idea lacks merit or that people are not interested. Being young, people are likely to dismiss them, I even doubted it myself at times thinking, ‘what do I know’ but by drawing on people who are experts in their field I have been able to connect with and positively impact young people around the world. Sure not every young person is interested in what I’m doing but some are and every week I get emails from all around the world telling me how my podcast has helped them clarify their direction and what they want to do.

Tech Talk


One of the big things I’ve learned is ‘People Buy People”, no matter whether you are applying for an after school job or pitching a brief to a potential client, they are buying you, so you need to be able to sell yourself. Most of us are uncomfortable with this but it is essential to build some personal development traits such as;

  • Confidence
  • Positivity
  • Reading other people’s body language
  • Reflective listening
Tech Talk

Investing in developing your interpersonal skills is well worth it.

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What You Love Gary Vaynerchuck wrote a book called “Crushing It” where he explores stories of people making a living doing the most bizarre things.

The premise is that people who do what they love are more likely to crush It than people doing things they are not passionate and emotionally invested in. Young people are faced with thousands of job choices so it can be overwhelming and difficult to choose. This is creating massive levels of anxiety and stress but on the other hand, it means we can do whatever we want in life. We aren’t trapped like previous generations. My grandad since birth would either be a builder or farmer. My mum, admitted to me she didn’t even consider studying medicine because back then it was very rare for a woman to become a doctor.

Our generation doesn’t have these obstacles and thanks to the internet and social media we can create a living doing anything if we put in the work and leverage online marketing.

So start thinking about what it is you love and what excites you and start dreaming about what you can do. For me, it was inspiring young people which I’ve been able to do through my podcast and I’ve been blown away by how well it is going and how many people are being touched by it. Go for it!


Byron started the Driven Young Podcast as a way to help educate and inspire the younger generation around entrepreneurship and practical life skills so we are prepared for the world.

Byron believes our world is changing so fast, the current education system can’t keep up and is left teaching us old and outdated skills no longer relevant in the workplace.

This podcast explores and aims to help people realise the world is different from when their parents grew up and we must make relevant decisions based on how the world is now, not the world people used to live in.

Email: byron@streamdm.com.au
Website: drivenyoung.com