30 Years Ago

30 Years Ago

Vinnies Ristorante opened in Bathurst Street, Liverpool and became an instant hit with diners who enjoyed the traditional Southern Italian cuisine and hospitality. As their popularity grew, so did the size of restaurant, resulting in two moves to larger premises to satisfy demand. Since 2005, Tony Rizotto has continued and expanded on the foundation of goodwill of Vinnies Ristorante.

In May 2014, after much demand, Tony opened Cucina Galileo within Club Marconi, carrying on a long standing connection with the club with his father being a foundation member, his brother Joe Rizzotto, former A Grade player for both Club Marconi and Australia, and for the last six years has brought back a traditional old-school Italian dining experience to Club Marconi and its members.

The décor and atmosphere are uniquely perfected for a great dining experience for couples, friends and family. Cucina Galileo offers a casual open dining experience, and Group functions and Corporate Events are also a specialty, catering for up to 150 people.

I managed to spend some time with Tony during a bustling evening and the relaxed diners and friendly staff gave the impression that the temporary setback of Covid for everyone was forgotten and it’s business as normal for this institution of excellence.

“The importance of maintaining excellence and consistency in service and cuisine was and has always been our priority. You have to keep dishes interesting and delicious, and treat every guest as if in your own home. “

As I left, Tony was relaxing with diners, and somewhere in the back the award-winning chefs were no doubt preparing the next day’s canvas. There was no rush.

121 Prairie Vale Road, Bossley Park
Sydney NSW 2176
02 9822 3863