12 Of the Best, Rapid 1st Aid Continue to Save Lives around Macarthur

12 Of the Best, Rapid 1st Aid Continue to Save

Together with Rapid 1st Aid, McDonald’s in the Macarthur region are bringing twelve lifesaving Automated External Defibrillators (AED) to local restaurants, showing their commitment to helping support the local community and increasing the safety of the area.

Sadly, around 25,000 Australians die every year from a sudden cardiac arrest – that equates to over 68 Australians each day. Many of these deaths would be preventable if a defibrillator was in reach in fact the chances of survival are increased to greater than 80% if available to the victim within the first couple of minutes along with good quality CPR.

The twelve defibrillators will be publicly accessible at McDonald’s restaurants in the region. Not only will McDonald’s staff be trained and prepared to help, but any member of the general public will be able to access them inside or outside the restaurant in the event someone suffers from a sudden cardiac arrest.

Anne Rowley from Rapid 1st Aid, who is supplying the defibrillators, said McDonald’s was the perfect location for the defibrillators: “I’m so excited for this partnership and to bring more defibrillators to the Macarthur region. We want to increase the chances of survival amongst people who suffer from a sudden cardiac arrest, and these easily accessible defibrillators are a great start.”

Anne with supportive hubby Scott Rowley and Award sponsor Belinda Tupou of Mind My Marketing

Peter Meadows, local McDonald’s licensee, will be installing the defibrillators into three of his restaurants in the region and is happy to do whatever he can to support the local community: “We’re really proud to be a part of the Macarthur community and we do everything we can to support them. Although I hope they won’t be needed, I do hope the installation of the lifesaving defibrillators will make the local community that little bit safer.”

The defibrillators can be found at the following restaurants: Rosemeadow, Glenquarie,
Campbelltown, Eaglevale, Minto, Woodbine, Gregory Hills, Spring Farm, Narellan, Emerald Hills, Mount Annan and Camden.

It’s important to note that all this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the gentle prickle from Louise Sparks-Howarth from Pineapple Marketing & Promotions. This has been a team effort and the communities within the Macarthur Region should be grateful for the wonderful support and desire to ensure we have help available to those who need it during their moment of what could be a life changing moment in time.

As a result of this wonderful initiative Anne Rowley has been the lucky recipient of two very prestigious awards and these would be a globally recognised Rotary International Award called “Pride of Workmanship” where everyday people are making a difference in their roles and taking pride in what they do. The other was an award the networking group called Women with Altitude as a ‘Purpose Driven Entrepreneur’, whilst Anne has not undertaken this task to win awards it’s the sheer passion that she shows for wanting to make a difference where it counts and she is truly humbled to have been nominated and become a recipient of these awards. The real winners here are the lives it will save in the future.